Up to the top of the Shasta gulch

Just remembering that the band Pavement has a great lyric that references Lake Shasta. It's in the song Unfair off the album Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. I'm posting this one because Pavement is an incredible band with a huge cult following, and they are straight out of Stockton, Northern Cal. Lucky for their adoring fans and any music geeks like myself who never got to see them, they are reuniting for some shows next year. Take the lyrics for what they are worth. To me, a reference to the waters of Shasta feeding all of California. So what do we say to this, respect the water and save it wherever you can. Don't waste. Then go see Pavement when they go on tour!

Up to the top of the Shasta gulch
And to the bottom of the Tahoe lakes
Manmade deltas and concrete rivers
The south takes what the north delivers

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