It's full! It's full! We did it. (Now time to keep it full.)

Less than 5 feet from the top. We did it. It's been a good year, and with lots of snow still in the foothills and on Mt. Shasta, it should hopefully stay pretty darn full all through the summer season. But you never know. It's up to us to keep it as full as we can. As you are setting up your sprinkler systems on your lawns and gardens, and you start washing your car in your driveway, think about all that water you waste and where it comes from. Do your part to not waste it. Then get out to this most spectacular place and enjoy it.

Keep up the good work. Tell all your friends and neighbors about us.


(photo courtesy of the Shasta Lake fanpage on Facebook, a great recent shot looking at the Caverns from across the way at Holiday Harbor!)

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